Steppin' Out Country Dancers






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Dansen workshops


One Man Band
Fourteen Gears
Here I Stand

Floor It
Die From A Broken Heart
Kiss Me Slow ***

Hey Little Girl

Love Is Standing Right In Front Of You
Gone West
Soul Shake
5678 Reasons

Bonaparte's Retreat  

Nothin' On You
Country Mile
That's Country

Never Growing Up
Everybody's Gonna Dance

Stuck On Me+You
Sweet Boy
Something You Love
American Made

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  Y  Z  #

A Country High
A Cowgirls Dreams
A Bitter Lullaby
A Devil In Desguise
A Double Whiskey
A Friend To Me
A Guys Waltz 
A Little Bit Closer  
A Little Bit More
A Little Bird ***  

A Little Crazy
A Little Left Over ***
A Lot Like That
A Love I Think Will Last

A Love Worth Waiting 4 
A Man Like That
A Place To Run 
A Reel Craic
A Slow Goodbye (partner)
Adios, Farewell, Goodbye

Adios My Darling
Adventure 45
Af En Af 
Alabama Boy
Alabama Slammin' 
Alcohol On It
Alright Girl 
All God's Children
All Heaven Allows ***
All I Do Is Love U 2 Much
All I Need Is You ***
All Over Again
All Shook Up 
All That Rain !!!
All The King's Horses
All You Need 
Amazing Grace
American Honey
American Ride 
An Underdog ***
Angels ***
Ann's Tango
Another Cheater 
Another Love Song
Another Song 
Anything 4 Love ***
Anything Other Than Love 
Applejack Country 
Askin' Questions  


Baby Blues  
Baby Cha    
Baby Dream  

Baby's Gone Home 
Baby Grace
Back In Line 
Back In Love
Back In Time
Back In The Saddle
Back To Being Me 
Back To Front 
Back To The Bar   
Bandido's Last Ride
Baptised By Rock n Roll
Barefoot & Crazy 
Be Mine Tonight
Be My Bride
Be Strong  
Beautiful Life ***
Beautiful Senorita (P)
Beers Ago-Go
Best Part Of The Day
Better Than Nada
Better Times
Between Dances  
Bible Belt Boogie 
Big Blue Tree
Big City Summertime
Big Girls Boogie   
Big Jimmy 
Big John Law ***
Big Love 
Billy's Dance (partner)
Billy's Twist 
Black Roses
Blame It On The Summersun 
Blanket Cover
Blue Blue Day
Blue Cafe
Blue Heartache
Blue Kisses
Blue Moon Shuffle 
Blue Note 
Blue Town *** 
Bobbi With An I 
Body In Motion 
Bomshel Stomp 
Boogie Dee Boogie Dee Shoo
Boogie with Hank 
Boogie Woogie 
Boogie Woogie Baby Jill 
Bosa Nova  
Bound Ta Git Down
Boyfriend Of The Year 
Boys Of Summer
Brand New Day ***
Bread On The Table
Bring Down The House
Bring On The Good Times
Bud Wiser  
Built To Last
Burnin' The Roadhouse Down
Bush Party    
But 4 Now ***
Button Box Boy
Buy Me A Drink
BWOM (Beautiful Woman Of Mine)
Bye Bye ***


Cabo San Lucas 
Calling Memphis
Cannibal Stomp 

Cajun Hustle (partner)
Can't Let Go 
Cards On The Table
Carnival Ride 
Carters Rock
Catch The Fish 

Celtic Duo
Cha Cha With Me  
Chains Of Love (partner)
Cherry Bomb
Chica Boom Boom 
City Light Swing (partner)
City Of New Orleans ***
Clinging To You
Cloud 9
Cloud Number 9
Come And Let's Dance
Come Anytime  
Come Back My Love 

Come On 
Come On Closer
Come On Joe 
Como Yo
Cool Chick  
Cool Woman***
Could've Been The Whiskey 
Count To 3  
Country As A Boy Can Be 
Country Boy Rock & Roll
Country Looks Good On You

Coupe De Ville
Cowboys And Crooks
Cowboy Man   
Cowboy Yoddle Song
Cowgirl's Saddle
Crazy Foot Mambo
Crepes & Drapes & Drainpipes
Cry Just A Little Bit
Cry Pretty

Cute Cute Cute 
Cuz You


Daisies Waltz
Dance All Night
Dance For-ever (more)
Dance It Up
Dance With Derek
Dance With Me *** 
Dance With Me Tonight
Dancing In Line   

Dancing In The Moonlight
Dangerous Games 
Day Job 
Day Of The Dead
D-D Dancin'
Dear Friend
Desert Wind
Devil's Shadow  

Diamond Dreams
Diggy Liggy Two (partner)
Disappearing Tail Lights
Dixie Girl
Doctor's Orders  
Dog & Bone 
Don't Break This Heart (partner)
Don't Dial A Doctor 
Don't Drink The Water 
Don't Feel Like Dancing  
Don't Know, Don't Care!
Don't Let Me Down
Don't Take It So Hard
Don't You Wish ***
Double Shot Of Love
Double Shuffle        
Doulbe U Double D
Double XL (Ouch!)
Down On The Brazos (partner)

Dream Lover
Dream On
Drift Away 
Drink On 
Driving Test
Drop Everything
Duck Soup 


Eagles Rock  
Early In The Morning ***
Easy To See 
El Camino
El Mismo Tren
Electric Rodeo
Empty Dreams
Every Minute, Every Hour
Every Time It Rains
Everybody Else Can Kiss My A**
Everybody's Sweetheart 
Everything To Me


Far from the charts 
Farmer's Wife
Feel Free
Feel Right  
Feelings (partner)
Fiddlin' Cowboys
Fly High
Flying Home
Follow Me Too 
Fool For Lesser Things
Fool In Love  
Foolish Heart 
Forever Road
Forever And Ever
Forgive And Forget 
Foxy Girl 
Friday At The Dance   
Friday Yet
Friends For Ten 
Funky Sole


Games People Play
Gently On My Mind
Get It Right
Get Your Feet Down  
Ghost In The Guitar
Girl Watcher
Girls In Pick Ups
Give Me Back My Heart
Give Me Love
Glass Of Brandy ***
God Love Her 
Go Johnny 
Go Mama Go  

Go Seven
Go With The Flow 
Going Down The Mountain
Gone Fishing
Gonna Get You ! ***
Good Girls 
Good Girls Gone Bad
Good Night 2 B Lonely  
Good Time   
Good Time Girls
Good To Be Us 
Good Vibes
Got My Baby Back
Got What It Takes 
Got Your Number
Gotta Keep Praying 
Greater Than Me
Green Grass From Ireland
Guitar Man


Haggard, Hank & Her ***
Half Past Nothin'
Hands Up
Hard Luck Woman
Hasta La Vista ***        
Have I Told You
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Hayley Jo
Heart Of An Angel 
Hearts Of Stone ***
Heaven In My Woman's Eyes 
Heavenly Cha
Helluva Polka  
Here We Go
Hey Let's Go 
Hey O
High Beam
High Cotton
Highway Honky Tonk
His Latest Flame
Holding Back The Ocean  
Holding On To Yesterday
Hole Down In My Heart 
Holiday Shuffle (partner)
Holy Moly Guacamole
Homeward Bound 
Honey, Honey ***
Honky Tonk Delight
Honky Tonk Dream  
Honky Tonk Mood
Honky Tonk Swing
Honky Tonk Time Machine
Hooked Up 
Hookin' Up

Hope And Pray 

Hot Sexy Mama


I'm A Little Bit Lonely
I'm Coming Home
I'm Following You
I'm Movin' On
I'm Ready! *** 

I Ain't Never 
I Come To You
I Don't Know
I Got You ***  
I Got You
I Love Her So Much
I Must Be Dreaming 
I Need A Job 
I Picked The Wrong Night 
I Saw Her Standin' There
I Surrender ***
Ice Cold Corona 
If I Didn't Have A Dime 
If I Were You
If You Only Knew ***  
If You Want Me
In Dreams  
In My Heart
Is It True
It Hurts  
It's All Going To Pot
It's America 
It's Hard To Be A Hippie
It's High Time
It's Important
It's Not OK
It's Only Natural 


Jailhouse Creole 
Johnny Come Lately (partner)
Journey On 
Journey To The Stars 
Judy Likes To Rock
Jukebox Jump
Just A Girl
Just For A Day
Just One For The Road
Just One More


Keep Falling In Love ***
Keep It In The Middle Of The Road 
Keep It Simple
Kentucky Moon Blues
Kick A Little Dirt Around
Kicking Country
Kickin' Country
Kill The Spiders 
Kiss A Girl 
Kiss Me Mary ***
Kiss My Lips
Knee Deep


Language Of Love 
Last Night
Lay Down And Dance
Leave It To You
Leaving Of Liverpool  
Left In The Dark
Let 'er Rip
Let's Dance  
Let's Go There
Let's Kiss About It ***
Let Freedom Ring
Let Me Go
Let The Good Times Roll
Life's About
Life's Highway
Life Must Go On
Like A Cowboy Superstar ***
Like Coca Cola In Hollywood
Like You Used To ***
Little Ol Kisses 
Little R & R
Little Rock
Locklin's Bar
Lonely Blues
Lonely Drum
Lonely Hearts
Lonely Lady
Lonely This Weekend
Long Gone! 
Long Haul Stroll
Long Sermon
Long Time Gone
Long Way  
Lookin' Good
Looking At The Moon
Loosen Up Those Chains
Lost In Love  
Louisiana Girl
Louisiana Swing
Lovatom (Love At Home)
Love Forever (partner)
Love In This Club
Love Is A Miracle
Love Is Like
Love JoAnn 
Love Takes Time
Love You A Million Times
Love's Highway
Lover Please Come Back (partner)
Loving Is In The Air (partner) 
Loving Tonight ***
Lucky Touch


Ma jolie Louise
Made It To Memphis
Make An Appearance 
Make It Sweet
Make Love
Make Me Wanna
Make This Day
Mamma Maria 
Manilow Dreams 
Marie Claire Waltz
Marry For Money 
Maureth's Monday 
Me And Johnny Cash 
Me And My Girl
Mexican Wind  (partner)
Mi Rowsu  
Midnight Cinderella
Midnight Train
Mister Jones
Mister Stingray
Modern Romance
Mojo Rhythm 
Mona Lisa
Moonlight Kiss  
Moonlight Madness
More Than Amigos
Mr. Rock & Roll  
MT Pockets  
My Gypsy Queen
My Heart Skips A Beat
My Kinda Crowd
My Kind Of Music  (aangepaste versie, originele versie zie choreografie)
My Miracle
My Pretty Belinda
My Special Prayer
My Veronica  


Nancy Mulligan 
Naughty But Nice
Need A Margarita (P)
Never A Thought 
Never Change  
Never Ever  
Never Get Old ***
Never Gonna Break Your Heart
Never Never Cha Cha Line  
Never Stop 
New Kid In Town
Next Day 
Next Level
Next To Me 
Night Train To Memphis
No Worry  
North Side Swing 
Not Fair 

Not Your One Night Stand
Nothing But You
Nothing Hurts

Nothing New
Nothing On But The Radio
Now Or Never 


Oh Mama
Oh Me Oh My Oh
Oh My Love
Oklahoma Boogie 
Old '97
Old Dan Tucker 
Old Fashioned Girl 
Old School Rock & Roll
On A Roll
On The Road
One Love
One More Chance
One More Midnight  

One Night
One Plus One Is Two 
Only A Fool 
Only Happiness ***
Only Lonely
Only Young Once 
Ooohh Go Wild!
Operator Cha Cha

Out & Jump 
Out Of The Rain
Out Of This Town


Pack Up 
Pack Your Bags
Pappa Joe
Paris 98 
Patsy Fagan
Peaceful Feeling In Life
Perfect Match
Perfect Place
Piano Man
Play Mandy Play
Polka On Fiddle Song
Poor Boy Blues 
Pray ***
Prettiest Woman
Price Of Admission
Prison Break  


Que Sera


Raggle Taggle Gypsy O
Rainy Day Woman
Real Good Time 
Reasons For My Tears
Rebel Amor 
Red Dresses 
Red Molly
Red Staggerwing
Redneck Life
Rhyme Or Reason
Ride The River 
Ride With Me ***  
Right In The Middle
Right Or Wrong 
Ringing Bells 
Road Less Travelled
Rockabilly Riot  
Rock & Girls
Rock-A-Billy Rebel 

Rockin' Rebel  
Rockin' With The Rhythm
Rock And Roll Music
Rock N Roll Is King

Rock Paper Scissors
Rocky Top
Rolling Along
Rolling Jam
Rolling Thunder
Rollin' With The Flow
Runaround Sue 


Sacramento ***
Sad Story ***
Sadie's Dress
Sag, Drag & Fall  
Sassafras Gap 
Satisfy My Soul ***
Save Me
Sea Of Dreams
Sea Salt Sally 
See A Cowboy Cry ***
See Ya Cecilia
Sex, Love And Texas
Sexy ***
Shakin' Mix
Shame & Scandal In The Family 
She Believes
She's Gone Gone Gone 
She Wants A Cowboy
She Was Mine ***
Shotgun House
Shotgun Rider ***
Show Her You Care
Sic 'Em On Chicken
Sidewinder Swing
Siempre Cha Cha 
Silver Lining
Simple Things
Sin City Swing 
Singing The Blues
Singing The Song  
Skifflebilly Bop  

Smarter Women
Some Girls Will   
Someone Like You
Something Good  
Something In The Water
Son Of A Bitch ***  
South Australia
Southern Thing
Speak With Your Heart
Standing In A Crossfire
Stand Up Straight ***
Start A Band  

Starting Something
Starts With A Blank Page
Stay & Sway (partner)
Stay All Night
Stay Another Day 
S.T. One
Stir Crazy
Stone In The River 
Stories We Could Tell
Straight To Memphis
Strong Bounds 
Stuck In The Middle
Stumbling In
Stupid Things 
Such A Fool 
Summer Fly  
Summer Saturday Night
Sunday Cha Cha
Sun On A Black Sky
Sundown Boogie (partner)
Sunshine Twist
Suzanne's Dream  ***

Sweet Delights (partner)
Sweet Dummy

Sweet Like Cola 
Sweet Little Dangerous
Sweet Maria
Sweet Memories  
Sweet Smile  
Sweet Sugar & Spice
Sweetest Hangover  ***
Swing Low Sweet Chariot 
Swing To The Radio


Tag On
Take A Little Walk ***
Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart
Take Back 
Tap Room Boogie  

Teenage Dreams
Tell Me When***
Tell Me Why ***
Tell The World 
Ten Bucks   

Tender Heart (partner)
Tennessee Waltz Surprise 
Temple Bar 
Tequila, Sherry And Sheila
Texas Boogie
Texas Time
TH-Guest Ranch
That 55 Ford

The Angels Cried 
The Banks Of The Roses 
The Belle Of Liverpool
The Boat To Liverpool
The Cure ***
The Dance
The Diff   (partner)
The Drifter
The Final Test
The Flute 
The Gambler 
The Gimmese Boogie
The Heart That Beats In Ireland
The Hotdog Boogie
The King and I
The Last Living Cowboy
The Leavin' Side
The Night We Met ***
The One
The Shoebox
The Stomp 
The Trail
The Same Way ***
There's The Door! 
Think I'm Falling  
This Is Me
This Is Us   
This Little Spot
This Pretty Face ***
This Town
Those Were The Days
Throwback Love 
Ticket To The Blues
Til Forever
'Til The Sun Falls  
Time To Swing
Times Up
Tonight I Need A Friend ***

Truck Stop
Try Again 
Tumbling Rush 
Turbo Twang 
Twist & Turns


Uh Oh (partner)
Unchain My Feet
Underrated ***
Urban Fog
U Turn 


Veil Of Tears  
Voulez Vous Danser 


Wagon Wheel Rock
Wake Me Up
Wake Up Little Susie!  
Walkin' Tonight

Walking Away 
Walking The Line 
Walk With Me    
Wandering Hearts
Wanna Be Elvis  
Wanna Be With U ***  
Wanna Get On
Watcha Wanna Do That For
Water Off A Ducks Back 
Waves Of Love
Way Down ***
We Are Now  
We'll Be Dancing
Wedding Prospect
Wham Bam!
What A Wonderful Life
What I Like About You
What You Gonna Do With The Band 
When I Cry 
When I Need You
When I See Ya
When The Diamonds Fall
When You Hold Me
Where Did The Love Go *** 
Where The Wind Blows
Whiskey Smooth
Whispering Your Name 
White Crappies ***   
White Whiskey
Who Wouldn't (partner)
Who You Are

Why Don't We Just Dance 
Why Don't You Love Me ***
Why Walk When You Can Fly
Wide Open Spaces ***
Wild Nights
Wild Stallion    
Wings Of Love (partner)
Winners & Losers
Woman Amen
Woman Trouble
Wonderful One
Wrong Side Slide


Yes M'am, No M'am
You Are The One (partner)
You Belong To Me
You Got Away
You, Me & My Guitar ***
You Never Know
You Taste Like Sugar
You're My Jamaica 

You're My Satellite !


Zjozzys funk ! 
Zoutelande ***


3 Day Road
4 In The Morning
6 Months And 18 Days  
12th Of Never  
16 Bars